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A newsletter for those exploring wellness through naturopathic lifestyles

Summer 1998 - Issue 1

Naturopathy: Making it a lifestyle

Naturopathy is a way of life. We make some very important choices in our everyday living. We choose each and every day what we eat, what we drink, how much we sleep, exercise, nurture ourselves. It is important for us to begin to assume responsibility for those decisions in order to maintain health and vitality and for us to recognize that in order to get well and to be well that we are in charge of our own health. Are you making those decisions consciously and recognizing the foundation principles for a healthy lifestyle?

It takes work to make these choices. It takes dedication and commitment to being well and staying well. It means choosing healthy alternatives each day. Changing old unhealthy habits to new healthy habits is often difficult for many people. It follows then that my role in your health care is often as educator, as coach to help you to make those lifestyle changes that you need to make. When it comes right down to it you are the one doing the work

This is what I find so exciting for my patients and so empowering about the philosophy of a Naturopathic lifestyle. YOU are in charge and YOU make the decisions to live a healthy lifestyle and invest in your health. My role is to guide you, to help you along the way, to provide you with help in the form of counseling, remedies, supplements, tinctures or acupuncture.

Congratulations to all of you making healthy choices each and every day.


Two exciting new changes in patient services

What I have been finding is that handouts and information is often not enough to motivate or support someone making long term healthy lifestyle changes. Feedback has been that the changes are difficult for many of you and compliance to our treatment plan is difficult, especially with today’s busy lifestyles.

My aim is for your success. If your goal is a healthy lifestyle which includes changing eating habits, learning relaxation techniques, beginning an exercise program, finding out about organic produce, learning how to cook in a healthy way using different ingredients such as tofu, beans and legumes, quinoa, millet; then my goal is to provide you with a forum for information and support. I am very excited to announce two new programs offered through my naturopathic practice.

Naturopathic Lifestyle Program Support Group is a group that will meet the first Wednesday evening of each month from 6:30-8:30 p.m. This group is pot luck, with the goal of trying new recipes and ingredients than you may not have tried before. We will share a meal, and then begin our meeting which will involve a variety of things from learning relaxation techniques to having guest speakers attend. The aim is to provide a forum for any questions or concerns you may have about any lifestyle changes you are currently making. These meetings are not designed to replace your regular naturopathic visits, but will give you an opportunity to meet other people involved in the same process that you are and allow for an exchange of information and ideas. Meetings are free, bring a friend. Children welcome. Next meeting is June3rd.

Walking Club – lead by workout expert Jacqui Watts this group will meet once weekly for an hour of fun exercise for those people just beginning to get into an exercise routine after being away for a while. Perfect for those needing motivation and trying to tone up, for those adding exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and for those trying to loose weight. Cost is $55.00 for one term (10 weeks). Next session begins May 23rd.

Again, when you are successful in achieving your health and lifestyle goals, then I am successful. My goal is to provide you with the support and the information that you need to stay motivated and committed to making healthy lifestyle changes.

Please call to register for these programs at 905-665-7539.

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Multiple Sclerosis Origins.

The early consumption of cow’s milk, even more than northern latitude is the major determinant for multiple sclerosis. When the protein myeline oligodendrocyte glycoprotein or MOG is injected into rats, this protein induces a disease similar to human MS. The structure of the MOG molecule is similar to the structure of cows’ milk protein. Therefore, an anti-immune response can be triggered by cow’s milk consumption in infancy. People with MS, who consume less than 15 g of saturated fatty acids a day, have no relapse. It is impossible to consume such a small amount of saturated fat without eliminating dairy products.


Naturopathic Happenings

Naturopathic Medicine Week

April 4-11 was Naturopathic Medicine Week in the greater Toronto area. Mayor Mel Lastman dedicated the week to Naturopathy in city counsel in Toronto and the Ontario Legislature recognized the week as part of parliamentary proceedings. The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto celebrated with it’s annual open house and record breaking attendance on April 4th. We celebrated with an open house at the clinic on April 7th and a wonderful, thought provoking discussion about many of the current issues in natural health and healing. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Friends of Naturopathic Medicine

You can become involved in how Naturopathic Medicine is shaped in Ontario. The Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors is offering a special "Friends" membership that entitles members of the general public to become involved with supporting Naturopathy. If you are interested in learning more about this program please contact the OAND at 416-233-2001

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Vaccination and Circumcision

Circumcised boy babies showed greater response to pain when routinely vaccinated (at four or six months) than female babies or male babies who were not circumcised. "We do know from adults that we are conditioned for pain, and the infant’s pain conditioning may well linger into later life," said researcher Dr. Gideon Koren at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Researchers looked at both cultural background and maternal intervention, and found no explanation other than circumcision for the different reactions from the babies. The Lancet, 344, 1994

Yet Another Reason Not to Smoke

Smoking has been shown to contribute to bone mineral density. A recent study suggests that among postmenopausal women, those women that smoked had a greater bone loss than those who did not smoke. Specifically studying hip fractures, researchers learned that women who smoke lose about 2 percent bone density every ten years. The risk for hip fractures at age sixty was 17 percent greater in smokers than nonsmokers; 41 percent greater at age seventy; 71 percent at age eighty; and a whopping 108 percent greater at age ninety. Researcher studying former smokers also learned that the effect on bone density may be reversible.

  • Journal Watch Women’s Health, November 1997
Speak to Dr. Doran regarding naturopathic programs for quitting smoking.

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Did you know that there are different kinds of vegetarians?

Ovolacto Vegetarians – No meat or fish, some eggs and dairy products

Lacto Vegetarian – No meat or fish, some dairy, no eggs

Vegan – No meat or fish, no dairy, no eggs

Nurturing Yourself

Healing Body and Mind

     Walk barefoot in the dew

    Watch a sunset

    Lie on your back and count stars


    Have a bubble bath

    Have a massage

    Catch fireflies with your kids

    Get up 30 minutes earlier and meditate

    Take a deep breath

    Plant a special seed and nurture it while it grows

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TV – Turnoff Week
May 24 - 31

Television Statistics

· Percentage of households that own at least one TV: 99

· Number of TV sets in the average US home: 2.24

· Approximate number of studies examining TV’s effect on children: 4,000

· Percentage of day care centers that use TV during a typical day: 70

· Hours per year the average American youth spends in school: 900

· Hours per year the average American youth watches television: 1500

· Number of murders seen on TV by the time an average child finishes elementary school: 8,000

· Percentage of Americans who believe TV violence causes real life mayhem: 79

· Percentage of Americans who can name The Three Stooges: 59

· Percentage who can name at least three justices of the U.S. Supreme Court: 17

· Ratio of Americans applying to the Peace Corps in 1995 to those applying to be on MTV’s "Real World": 1:2

- compiled by TV-Free America

Don’t totally tune out during TV Turnoff Week, try tuning into yourself and: Read a book, Go for A Walk, Talk to your Kids, Daydream, Enjoy a quiet evening, Play with your Pet, Write A Letter, Phone Somebody, Try Out A New Recipe, Meditate and so on, and so on, and so on, ............

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ONLY $1.49!

DeVille Produce on Brock St. in Whitby or on Brock Rd. in Pickering has trays of 6 lemons or a nice fresh bunch of dandelion leaves (great for liver cleansing mixed with other salad greens) each for just $1.49.

Four Causes of Spinal Subluxations

What does every five year old child have lots of that every adult would like more of? ENERGY. Energy in its various forms is essential for the health and well-being of each one of us. Energy helps to maintain normal function and homeostasis as well as providing for healing. For centuries, Eastern philosophies have viewed illness as an imbalance of the body energies that move over different regions of the body known as meridians.

Chiropractic philosophy has also recognized that energy moves in our bodies in a variety of ways, and that one of the primary pathways is over the nervous system. Misaligned vertebrae or "SUBLUXATIONS" may block or interfere with the flow of energy just as stepping on a garden hose may block the flow of water. Adjustments of the spine not only relieve pain and restricted spinal movement but also may allow a more normal flow of healing energy in the body.

Although there are many factors that contribute to the development of subluxations in the spine, there are four primary causes of these energy blocks:

  1. Accident and injury
  2. Poor Postural habits
  3.  Stress and anxiety
  4.  Chemical and environmental toxins
Chiropractic seeks to facilitate healing by adjusting and correcting subluxations of the spine. We also recognize the need to view each person in a holistic way and to address those areas of a person’s life that may be causing to spine to become subluxated.

Our goal is to help each person experience greater health through natural methods and to help the body heal itself.

- Dr. Gary Adams is a Chiropractor and the director of the Durham Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center.

He can be reached at 905-430-0830

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Patient Anecdote

I had been visiting Dr. Adams for chiropractic adjustments for the better part of 20 years, sometimes to relieve back pain instigated by back surgery when I was a teenager , other times to relieve upper back pain brought about by stress, and other times for general maintenance. I started to notice that the upper back pain which radiated into the right shoulder was not correcting itself as easily as it used to after an adjustment. Quite by accident, in the process of researching the internet to find any information that might help my ailing father I came across an article on gluten intolerance as well as several other articles relating to nutrition and naturopathy. It stated that too many wheat containing products in the diet could cause symptoms including referred pain through the upper back and shoulders. Other symptoms included a bloated stomach, severe bowel discomfort, and difficulty sleeping, all of which I was experiencing. Since I was well aware that I had had a weakness for baked goods as well as refined sugar products for most of my life I was desperate enough to try cutting drastically back. First, I was amazed when looking at the labels on products not even including baked goods, just how many items (sauces, soups, etc.) contained wheat. What was really amazing was that in as little as 3 days the pain was significantly reduced. Since then I have made several other changes to my diet and feel like I’m experiencing a rebirth! There are so many natural foods out there that I never even knew existed. Because I had experienced such a drastic change in my health from eliminating wheat I had plenty of incentive to radically change my whole diet. I’m not sure it would have been so easy otherwise. I am well enough conditioned now to cheat once in a while and have a coffee or a even a piece of birthday cake or chocolate because I’m always sure to counteract those indulgences with such things as warm water and freshly squeezed lemon juice, herbal teas, lots of dark green vegetables, sardines, salmon, rice, etc. I had also mentioned to Dr. Adams that I was concerned about my potential for having Parkinson’s Disease, as did my father, as I seemed to follow his general health patterns. Dr. Adams simply said, Why wait until it happens? Take preventive measures now. And he advised I have an appointment with Dr. Lisa Doran, the naturopathic doctor in he works with. That was the second most important medical discovery I had made in my life since meeting Dr. Adams. I am now feeling very empowered to take control of my life which had been severely drained by major stress. Lisa has facilitated my gradual ongoing recovery from endometriosis and other gynecologically related problems by intently listening to every aspect of my health from a holistic perspective, counseling me on nutrition, and using homeopathy, tinctures and acupuncture. I also learned the effects of candidiasis and embarked upon a detoxification diet. My cravings for baked goods and refined sugars are not half as severe. They can no longer call me ‘the cookie monster’! I am very grateful.


If you have made a lifestyle change, no matter how small, that you feel others could benefit from I’d greatly appreciate your anecdote for our next newsletter – Dr. Doran

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SPENT THE LONG WEEKEND CUTTING GRASS? If you have and you’ve had to do it with a standard walking mower, you’re probably no stranger to some form of backache. Most lawnmowers are designed for the average height adult and, chances are very likely, that may not include you! If you find the mower handle a little low for your liking be careful not to let your posture suffer by slouching. Consciously learn to tighten your abdominal muscles (the more you consciously practice the more you’ll remember to breathe naturally at the same time!), stand tall, and keep the mower fairly close to you. Remember to push the mower using your whole body, not just your shoulders and back, which is the tendency if the mower is held too far away with outstretched arms. Also, check your grip now and again. It’s so easy to clench the handle too tightly only to cause tension in the wrist and forearm and eventually through the shoulders and upper back. Again, by relaxing your grip to a certain degree, it will be easier to ensure that your effort is being distributed throughout a greater balance of muscle. These same principles can also be applied to pushing a stroller and vacuuming.

GONE FOR A BRISK WALK LATELY? First of all, way to go! Some fresh air and sunshine (even rainshine!) walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways of contributing towards cardiovascular health and relieving stress. While I’ve made it clear anyone who’s making a genuine effort to pick up the pace gets my vote of admiration I can’t help it — I have this one pet peeve that makes me wince every time I see a well intentioned speedwalker. More often than not, their arms are crossing in front of their body. What’s wrong with this? When this happens, and at a fairly fast rate, it is very easy to twist and put stress on the lower back or put a shoulder out of kilter. Although there are many other finer points to the practice of walking quickly, please make an effort to at least remember this one: Keep the arms bent at ninety degrees, close in to your sides, fists relaxed once again, and move them in a straight back and forth motion, not across the centre of the body. Observe others next time you pass them in the car. Give them a thumbs up anyway but yell HOORAY! for me if they’re gaining their speed partly by using the correct arm motion. Thanks ---- from the bottom of my sole. (Sorry!) —

I’m leaving now - Jacqui Watts...


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Kerry’s Tofu Fingers

    ½-3/4 cup RED STAR nutritional Yeast (Vegetarian support formula)

    1 pkg firm or extra firm tofu cut up into ½-1 inch square pieces or ½ inch thick slices

    3 Tbsp tamari

    1 Tbsp water

    2 tsp basil (or your favorite spice)

    Combine the tamari and water in one container.

    Combine the nutritional Yeast and the basil in another container.

    Lightly grease a cookie sheet with olive oil

    Place a handful of the tofu in the tamari container, cover and shake.

    Remove the tofu with a spoon, draining carefully and place in the nutritional Yeast container. Shake.

    Remove and place on cookie sheet

    Repeat all steps until all tofu is coated.

    Cook in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes or until crispy.

This recipe will fool even the most ardent tofu haters!

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Women's Issues Lecture Series

The sold-out lectures held in April on "Endometriosis and Fibroid tumors" and on "Menopause" will be repeated in May/June for those people who missed the April series. If you are interested in attending, the lectures are free, but seats must be reserved through the Ajax-Pickering Women's Center 905-426-1064

Endometriosis and Fibroid Tumors - May 25 at 7pm at the Ajax Community Centre

Menopause - June 8 at 7pm at the Durham Regional Police Station in the Community Room, Pickering

Breakfast Television - Watch for Dr. Doran on City T.V.'s Breakfast Television during the week of June 8th. A specific date will be available by calling Dr. Doran closer to the time.

Needed: Pregnant Bellies. If you are pregnant and will be 34-40 weeks by mid October and are willing to participate in Dr. Doran’s obstetrics class please call 905-665-7539

New Naturopathic Office Hours

Mondays and Wednesdays

7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays

4:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Every Second Saturday by appointment only

Call 905-665-7539 to book an appointment.

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Our Health Care Team

Dr. Gary Adams – Chiropractor

Dr. Lisa Doran – Naturopath

Dr. Anthony Diuvestyn – Chiropractor

Dr. Larry Greenland - Dentist

Travis Mercer – Massage Therapist

Naturopathic Dispensary

Wide range of professional quality supplements available for purchase to patients at the clinic. Ask Dr. Doran for details.

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