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Breast Health Clinic

Pre-Registration is required for all Workshops. Please either email us or call the clinic to book your spot. Because we limit participants, some sessions fill up very quickly.

Breast Health Clinic

At Barefoot Health we will be holding 2 Breast Health Screening Clinics each year and the next one coming up is on Tuesday July 14th from 10am-2pm. Appointments must be pre-booked and spaces for this specialized clinic do fill up very quickly so book early!

Each Breast Health Screening appointment is 30 minutes in length and includes a thorough breast examination by Dr. Lisa Doran ND and instruction on how to do a complete breast self examination each month. You will also receive a written report on any findings during your breast exam so that you can be empowered to track your breast health and record your own changes and findings.

Get to know your Breasts! Learn how normal tissue feels with your own fingers and what is normal for your own body. Learn what to look for, how to know when you need to be concerned and how to accurately track changes in your breast health. Learn how to perform this important body hygeine check each month in a way that is positive and normal rather than in a way that is negative and full of anxiety.

Appointments are billed as 30 minute Naturopathic Visits and are $65.


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