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Well Baby and Child Clinic

Pre-Registration is required for all Workshops. Please either email us or call the clinic to book your spot. Because we limit participants, some sessions fill up very quickly.

Well Baby and Child Clinic

Tuesday August 18th 10am-2pm - Just in time for Back to School!

This twice a year clinic is a special clinic offered by Barefoot Health to help families keep on track with their children's yearly physical exams and check-ins on their child's development. In this 30 minute appointment you will fill in a develoopmental and behavioural survey as preparation and we will complete a full physical.

You will receive a report on your child's health in writing as well as recommendations for the coming year and school year to improve immunity and address any concerns you may have with your child's health.

This visit is billed as a 30 minute Naturopathic Visit and is $65.00 for the visit, examination and report of findings. The fee does not include any recommended laboratory testing or supplements.

Please book early as this day always fills very fast and we want to accomodate everyone!

All examinations performed by or supervised directly by Dr. Lisa Doran ND.


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