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Letter To The Editor

To the Editor

The Durham Region School Board via the Durham Region Health Department recently threatened to suspend my five-year-old son from senior kindergarten simply because my family has made an educated decision NOT to immunize our children.

Arguments regarding pros and cons of vaccination aside, I would like to address the issue of informed choice in health care and inform parents of their rights.

You are not breaking the law if you decide against vaccination. It is your right and your responsibility to be informed about your child’s health and any medications that they receive. I encourage you to do some research about vaccinations. What are their contents? Are the viruses live or killed (attenuated)? How are the viruses preserved? How are they grown (on what medium)? Are you, as a parent, comfortable with the many possible side effects?

Neither legislation nor bureaucracy may force you to inject a substance into your child’s body. You have the right to say no – and more and more families ARE saying no.

If you are in the same situation you can request a "statement of conscience or religious belief affidavit" form from the health department. Sign and submit it to your child’s school and your choices regarding vaccinations should not be questioned again.

Yours in health;

Lisa M. Doran N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor

Whitby Ontario

905-665-7539 or 905-626-6102

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