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Naturopathic Post-Partum Private Home-Visit Support Services

Service Fee Schedule

*Please note that these fees are NOT covered by OHIP but ARE generally covered through your employee benefits health insurance plan if they cover care by a Licenced and Registered Naturopathic Doctor.

Labour Support/ Birth Doula Services

Includes Registration plus extra 1 prenatal and 2 postpartum visits. Also includes a birth and postpartum plan consultation.

Fee $800.00


Registration for Services

Initial Consultation Home Visit - We do this 2 hour visit prenatally so that we have all the information and past history we need to assist you in your post-partum. Ideally this visit occurs between 25 and 32 weeks of your pregnancy but can occur prior to that if you have concerns during your pregnancy that you wish Naturopathic care for.

Fee $ 240.00


Wellness Checks for Mom and Baby

1 hour in-home visits to assist with breastfeeding, bonding and attachment, check general physical well being of mom and baby, assess post -partum adjustment and weigh- in baby. We will also talk about nutrition, post-partum recovery and fitness and wellness plans.

Fee $120.00/hr


On-Call Access

24hr Pager Access for questions, concerns and support with a care provider you know and who is familiar with your family situation. Registration is required for this service.

Fee $ 25.00/ 15 mins



In-home mommy pampering, comes with an RMT covered by most extended health care insurance and an extra person to hold and rock your baby while you relax and rejuvenate! 60 minute massage sessions.

Fee $ 125.00


Post-Partum Doula

A trained post partum doula (not a naturopathic doctor) available to assist with household duties such as cooking, laundry, dishes, toddler care for siblings, as well as assisting mother with mother-care and short term infant care so mom can take care of herself. Early morning, daytime, evening and night hours available.

Fee $25.00/ hour


Wonderchild Post partum Parenting Program

6 hours of instruction regarding the care and well being of the newborn (see following information on Wonderchild for more information). Ideally this is taught partly Prenatally and partly after baby comes. Available either 3 sessions of 2 hours or 2 sessions of 3 hours.

Fee $ 250.00


Adjusting to Baby

A Primer for Couples - 3 hour private course for mom, dad and baby dealing with adjusting to new roles in the family and the challenges of caring for a newborn. Ideally this is taught partly prenatally and partly after baby comes. 2 sessions of 90 mins. All sessions are tailored to your family and some counselling may be available for those couples needing to talk about their specific situation.

Fee $150.00


Designing a birth or a postpartum plan

2 hour consultation, usually prenatally resulting in a professional birth or postpartum plan to assist you, your family and friends and your support team both prenatally and in those first few weeks post-partum.

Fee $ 145.00


Packages Available