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Naturopathic Post-Partum Private Home-Visit Support Services

Serving Toronto and the GTA.

Why Post-Partum Private home-visit support?

I remember as a new mom one of the things I enjoyed the least about those first precious months was having to take my newborn out of our cocoon of a home into the cold winter weather, belted into the car (which he despised), to a 5 minute appointment here or a check-in there or a weigh-in over there or a breastfeeding consultation in another place.

Now, 11 years and 3 wonderful children later and with a busy Naturopathic practise helping many families during pregnancy and in the post-partum period I've learned to be much more practical about my time and energy. I have greatly appreciated the time and energy my partner, children, extended family, colleagues, friends and midwives have put into supporting me in my "baby-moon" as author Sheila Kitzinger aptly puts that immediate post-partum period.

Having had the experience of the support of my community that has been nurturing and has helped me be a better mother and more closely attached to my lovely children I've come to understand that we offer services to our new moms in our community backwards. As busy professionals, out of necessity, we ask moms to come to us at our office. To leave their warm cocoons of home. .

Old Fashioned Care

The way it used to be. The way it should be for new families today. In your home. I come to you because I think that in the first few weeks it is most important for mom and baby to rest, relax and adjust to this new relationship that they now have with the world. And the best way to do that is to create good postpartum care that is easy to access. Being able to have questions answered 24 hours a day is wonderful and vital, being supported with breastfeeding challenges and questions around sleep or sickness or postpartum depression or recovery after both natural and c-section births are all important parts of adjusting well to the post-partum period.

I work in conjuction with your other health care practioners - your paediatrician, midwives or your family doctor. I try to fill in the gaps of modern maternity/newborn care because my primary concern is that you and your baby adjust appropriately and have an opportunity to bond during the first important 12 weeks post partum.

How the Perinatal Barefooting Program Works

I call my program the "barefooting program" - this has developed because my practise is called The Barefoot Doctor. I adopted this name for my practise after the barefoot doctors in China. The barefoot doctors were physicians trained and employed by the government to travel in rural China and treat the peasants in their own homes rather than having them travel outside of their communities and into the cities for care. These physicians provided good general family care using traditional remedies and treatments. My naturopathic practise encompasses this philosophy and uses traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the other Naturopathic Modalities of botanical medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, bodywork, and counselling. I provide care and information to parents from a practical basis that is rooted in current literature. My belief is that the more support and nurturing that you have the better for everyone. It takes a village to raise a child!

1. The first step is to call to book a Registration Visit - this is a 2 hour home visit that happens before baby comes so that I have all the information and past history I need to assist you in your post-partum. Ideally this visit occurs between 25 and 32 weeks of your pregnancy but can occur prior to that if you have concerns during your pregnancy that you wish on-going Naturopathic care for.

2. During the Registration Visit we will discuss other services that you plan to use during your pregnancy and postpartum. I am careful only to take on as many patients as I can fully give all of my attention to, so we usually design a personalized program for you that begins to take effect often before the baby comes and then in a supportive way after baby comes.

* Please note that if you plan to use the labour support/birth doula services that I offer it is very important that you call early in your pregnancy as I do limit the number of birth clients I take on so that I can provide all-round good services to everyone I care for. If I cannot take you on as a birth client because I am booked up I do have a list of referrals that I am happy to make to other birth doula's who share my same philosophy.

*The registration visit is not necessary to participate in the classes (Wonderchild and Adjusting to Baby), the birth plan/postpartum plan consultations or the Massage Services.


Services Available

  • Mom and baby wellness checks : in your home! 1 hour in-home visits to assist with breastfeeding, bonding and attachment, check general physical well being of mom and baby, and assess post -partum adjustment. We recommend 2-3 visits the first 2 weeks post-partum and then 1 per week until 6 weeks and then one every second week until 12 weeks.

  • Breastfeeding Support: on-call and home visit services available for moms wanting advice and support with early breastfeeding. Breastfeeding consultations, thrush, sore nipples, cracked nipples, low milk production

  • Baby Weigh-Ins:

  • Post Partum Adjustment Counselling and Assessment

  • Nutrition Counselling and meal planning

  • Postpartum recovery support : Get your energy back quickly!

  • Wonderchild Post Partum Private Instruction : Learn how to care well for your newborn and how your baby's brain works!

  • Post Partum and Birth Plan Writing

  • Post Partum Fitness and Wellness Plans for Mom

  • Labour Support/ Doula Services and Postpartum Doula Services

  • 24hr On-call services for questions and support : 24hr Pager Access for questions, concerns and support with a care provider you know and who is familiar with your family situation. Registration is required for this service

  • Adjusting to Baby - A Primer for Couples : Private in-home counselling and support

  • Massage: comes with an extra person to hold and rock your baby while you relax and rejuvenate! 60 minute massage sessions

Schedule of Fees