Padraig Slippers





These wonderful slippers are one of our most popular items. 


Handmade in North Vancouver British Colombia Canada from all natural materials (handspun, hand dyed)  they are one of the most comfortable, durable and beautiful pieces of footwear you will ever find!  My kids adore these and I love them too.  Terrific for gifts. 


The soles are made of a soft sheepskin lining and tough cowhide on the outside. Comfortable and light, the slipper is cozy but not hot as wool breathes. Many people wear their Padraig Slippers all year round. The leather sole is non-slip and gives long life as does the yarn, boiled to lock the fibres.


The slippers are machine washable in luke warm water on gentle cycle but not machine dryable. Children and adults alike like the fun, bright colours, the light weight and the lack of restriction on their feet.


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The children's slippers come in one style - the original boot with a cotton lace

The adult ladies slippers come in three styles: the original low boot style, the Ceilidh a slip on with a composit sole for greater stability and the Crofter, a higher boot with a tongue for ease of entry and a tie with a slider.

The adult man's come in 2 styles, the Original and the Crofter



Angora Newborn Sets


The perfect Baby gift! The absolutely beautiful slippers and hat with ear flaps and chin tie are an angora/wool blend and are unbeleivingly soft to the touch. Satin ribbons for laces, they come nested in tissue within a corrugated craft gift box.




See Below for ordering information.



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Pictured here at the top are rainbow infant shoes, to the left is rainbow shoes for a 6 year old and to the right is the blue for a 2 year old.



Newborn $21.00

Baby (3 months - 3.5 years)$31.00

Childs   $35.00

Youth $42.00


Children's Matching Hats with Ear Flaps $ 29.00


 Newborn Angora Boxed Hat and Slipper Set (only cream coloured) $48.00


 Ladies Original $ 58.00

 Ladies Slip-On $ 42.00

Ladies Crofter High Tops $ 72.00


Mens $ 62.00 (XL is $66.00)

Mens Crofter High Tops $ 76.00




These slippers stretch a bit with wear so the sizing guidelines are approximate - however the slippers are generous and we haven't had any complaints about our guides. The sizes are based on shoes size, but I've included age as a guideline as well. Baby size 3-4 ( 3-18 months), Baby size 5-6 ( 1-2.5 years), Baby size 7-8 (2-3.5 years)

Child size 9-10 (3-4 1/2year), Child size 11-12 ( 4- 5 1/2 years)

Youth size 1-2 (5-7 ears), Youth size 3-4 (7-9 years)

Ladies S (shoe size 5 and under), M (shoe size 6-8), L (shoe size 8-9), XL (Shoe size 9 and up)

* please note that XL sizes are $1.00 more in general as they are larger

* please also note that if your foot is wide and you can't decide between a M and L - go with the large.

Mens S, M, L and XL


Colours Available:


Women and Children: Pink, Blue, Red, Rainbow, Cream Stripe, Grey Stripe, Denim/purple stripe, Forest Green/purple stripe


Men: Blue/grey/purple, Blue/Green/Purple, Red/Purple/Blue, Grey, Denim and Forest Green



To purchase please email  with the subject line “Padraig Slippers”, and we will send you ordering information right away including an excel spreadsheet that explains all the styles and colours available.


* Beginning September 1, 2005 we no longer accept VISA. We appologize for any inconvenience.


Payment is made with cheque or money order only.


* If you wish your order to be guaranteed to be shipped to you before Christmas, orders must be received paid in full before November 1.


We will bundle them up and ship them quickly.  


** All prices in Canadian Dollars




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