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I am currently accepting new patients.

I have a general family practise and will see patients for any concern that they wish to discuss. I do, however, have a special focus in my practise on women's and children's health, specifically fertility, pregnancy, birth and pediatric patients aged 0-6.

To make an appointment with Dr. Lisa Doran N.D. please call my main booking phone number at 905-619-3737 or e-mail us at

Home visit services are also available in the GTA depending on booking availability. I give priority for homevisits to women to whom I am acting as a perinatal naturopathic doctor or doula, to postpartum moms/babies, to women referred from their midwives for specific concerns during pregnancy or labour, and to ill children who are best visited at home. If you fall out of these catchment areas a homevisit is not impossible, although depending on how busy I am I may refer you to another colleague who would better be able to serve you.


Specify your preference for time and day and clinic location and we will get back to you promptly!


Because my practice involves attending labours and births as a perinatal Naturopathic Doctor and because I am often on-call for birthing families there are the occasional clinic dates that will be affected by my commitments to the birthing family. If your appointment will be affected I will have my office manager Mellissa call you by 9am of the appointment date to reschedule. If you don't hear from us then our appointment will be as scheduled. I appreciate your understanding of this unique service I offer in the community and I ask that if your address or daytime phone number changes before your initial appointment please notify us of the change so we have up to date information. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our office at 905-619-3737.


Intake and History Forms

We require that the following documents be read and history forms be completed before your initial consultation. You can download them here or we can email them to you when booking your appointment.


Privacy Statement

New Patient Package including intake/history forms (youth and adult)

New Patient Package including intake/history forms (child under 12 years old)