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Naturopathic care fee schedule

September 12, 2008

All clinic fees are billed at $130 per hour


Initial Consultation (90 minutes) $ 195
Initial Consultation (children*) (60 minutes) $ 130
Second Consultation (45 minutes) $ 97.50
Subsequent Consultations (30 minutes) $ 65
Acupuncture (Single treatment) $ 65
Telephone consultations $ $130/ hr
Naturopathic Hydrotherapy (60 minutes) $ 65
Telephone consultations $130/per hour
Home visit $165/per hour
Email consultations $ 25/ 15 mins to research/reply



Other Services Provided

Auricular (Ear) Candeling (30 minutes) $ 25
Auricular (Ear) Lavage (20-30 minutes) $ 25
24 hr Page service $25/ page
24 hr On-Call emergency Subscription service $125/ year

Urgent Care On-Call Page service after 5pm $25
* Fees for telephone consult associated with page apply in addition

24 hr On-Call emergency Subscription service $125/ year


Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

Attendance at Birth by a Naturopathic Doctor/Doula:
Please note that ND's are not primary care providers for pregnancy and birth
$1250 - this fee may be covered by extended health care insurance
Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum
*Referral for acupuncture/moxa, rates as described

Home visits for labour assessment/prescription


$ 65 per 30 minutes

*Prebirth acupuncture program: 5 acupuncture treatments (plus 3 free treatments anytime past 41 weeks if required in order to naturally encourage labour)



*Postpartum Naturopathic Recovery Program: includes homevisits, acupuncture and prescribing of herbs/homeopathy as needed for recovery12 weeks postpartum (60 minute home visits on days 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 21,28, 42, 56, 70, 84)





Diagostic Testing Fee Schedule


This list is currently being re-vamped to include bloodwork from Gamma-Dynacare labs and Genetic based testing by Genova labs. More information will be provided as it becomes available.


Home visits are available dependant on availability
* Fees are payable by a personal cheque, or cash at the end of each visit. We do not accept VISA
* All Fees are subject to GST
* Any Prescribed supplements/botanicals/homeopathics and /or appliances are not included in the above fees
* Please note that these fees are not covered by OHIP. However, they may be covered by your extended health care plan.
* This list is the most current list and will be taken as the fee schedule if there have been previously posted or published lists from this clinic made available.

* Children are those individuals less than 16 years of age.