Barefoot Doctor
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The Barefoot Doctor Naturopathic Clinic:

Clinic Hours: Tuesday 9am - 3pm
Wednesday 7 am - 3pm
Thursday 12noon - 7pm

9 am - 3pm



8:30 am - 3pm (clinic supervisor, Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, Toronto)



**Please note that often we will schedule times to meet outside of these established clinic hours for:

1. those individuals in the Naturopathic Fertility Program at the clinc where we may be scheduling multiple acupuncture sessions and following your cycle closely or

2. those individuals under the care of a midwife or physician but using my acupuncture services to avoid a chemical induction

3. those individuals who are using Doula services

4. emergency pediatric visits (this is a subscription service only, we have a team of ND's on-call who are willing to help families 24-7)


* Home/hospital visits are available outside of these office hours and on-call for those individuals who have arranged this service previously or for those individuals who are confined to bed-rest. This includes new moms with infants younger than 4 weeks and those individuals with complications of pregnancy that require bed-rest..