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Art Cards

Created by Jacob Doran, age 10:

Our son Jacob is quite the talented artist. Using a technique called "Wet on Wet" Watercolour that he learned through his Waldorf School Education at Alan Howard Waldorf School here in Toronto, Jacob has created some beautiful peices that he has had digitally scanned and printed on to art cards.

Insides of the cards are blank - on the back is the name of the painting and Jacobs name and age.

Jacob is selling these cards in the hopes of sending himself to camp at Paddlers Co-op next summer with all his own gear. He loves the water and we thought this was very enterprising of him - so here he is with his own web page.

All cards are $3.50 each or 10 for $30.00 and can be ordered by emailing

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"Light in the Darkness" This is a very effective holiday card. Quite lovely



"Rainbow Bird"
. "Fire and Ice"

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